<50m³&Square> The barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device

Item No.: LT—ZGFB—50/2—F—BC2

Basic parameters:

NO.              Item                        Parameter
1 Container pressure Atmospheric pressure
2 Barrier explosion-proof material IV
3 Rated volume 50m³
4 Applicable medium Single or Double oilgasolineDieselMethanol, etc
5 Applicable ambient temperature -30~65/-55~65)℃
6 Metering device Electronic liquid level meter/Flow meter
7 Breathing valve DN50
8 Emergency pressure relief valve DN80
9 Tanker Single , Single /Double fuel gun
10 Unloading interface DN65
11 power supply 380V/220V
12 Dimensions 13310*2840*2900
13 Net weight of equipment 19800kg


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