<40m³&Round >The barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device

The barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device:LT—ZGFB—40/2—Y—BC
Our barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device have all the functions of a conventional gas station, and up to six oils can be contained in one unit. In addition, it also has an IC card background management system, a remote video surveillance system and so on.The explosion-proof storage tank of the device is designed for the double-walled tank structure and is protected from explosion-proof treatment.Easy to migrate and high security level.
The number of tankers and refueling guns can be customized according to customer needs.The appearance of the product is divided into square and round, which can be customized according to customer needs.
Provide a picture of a round appearance.
Basic parameters:
NO.             Item              Parameter
1 Container pressure Atmospheric pressure
2 Barrier explosion-proof material IV
3 Rated volume 40m³
4 Applicable medium Single or Double oil(gasoline、Diesel、Methanol, etc)
5 Applicable ambient temperature (-30~65/-55~65)℃
6 Metering device Electronic liquid level meter/Flow meter
7 Breathing valve DN50
8 Emergency pressure relief valve DN80
9 Tanker Single/ Double, Single /Double fuel gun
10 Unloading interface DN65
11 power supply 380V/220V
12 Dimensions 9800*2500*2900
13 Net weight of equipment 17400kg
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