Technical features
Technical features
Technical features of theSeparate and explosion-proof skid-mounted gasoline filling device
1·Storage tanks: Double-walled tanks, inner tanks and internal and external interlayers have been upgraded for explosion-proof and the tanks have reached intrinsic safety.
2·Tank Weld: The plugging process is used to form two layers of steel plates at the joints. The two welds are greatly improved in impact resistance and collision strength .
3·The overall structure: the explosion-proof storage tank of the integrated skid-mounted explosion-proof refueling device is a double-walled tank structure, and the relevant process pipelines are arranged between the inner and outer wall tanks, and the explosion-proof treatment is performed.
4·Piping design:Long Tai’s pipeline of the integrated skid-mounted explosion-proof refueling device enters the tank at the upper end, which reduces the pressure generated by the oil in the pipeline of the skid-mounted station on the solenoid valve and the tanker, and solves the problem that the flange joint is leaking oil. Maintenance problems.
5·Barrier-proof performance:The equipment adopts the hot rolling process to improve the material, improve the tensile strength and elongation of the product, and the product is not easily deformed during the production period. It does not produce debris and can be used for a long time.
6·Automatic cleaning function:The automatic cleaning system can be cleaned at any time, and it takes only one hour to clean, saving a lot of money.

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