Technical Description
Technical Description
        The barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device covers a small area and is easy to install and move.It is highly integrated, covering an area of 12 m³to 80 m³and an effective volume of 5 m³to 50 m³.It takes only two to three days of installation and commissioning time to be put into use.
        It is a ground mobile refueling device integrating barrier proof storage tanks,tankers,fire retardant and explosion-proof oil and gas recovery device, automatic extinguishing device, explosion-proof automatic integrated electrical control device, emergency cut-off device, spillage prevention and monitoring system, etc.
       Thanks to its unique internal structure and the superiority of the barrier-proof material, this device guarantees that the tank will not explode at any time. It can be achieved with fire refueling, with fire welding ,It's safe and explosion-proof,energy-saving, environmentally friendly.
       The number of tanks,tankers and refueling guns can be customized according to customer needs.The appearance of the product is divided into square and round, which can be customized according to customer needs.

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