About Us
About Us

Shandong Longtai group is a professional explosion-proof skid-mounted gas station, methanol fuel skid-mounted refueling station research and development, manufacturing enterprises. The company was successfully listed in Qingdao lanhai equity trading center on October 29, 2015 (enterprise code: 800333). Our company has the full set of design, manufacture, installation and independent qualification of anti-explosion skid filling station! The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system certification, with 51 product related patents, and products are authenticated by the national authoritative testing institutions, safe and reliable, low price but high quality.

LT—barrier explosion-proof gas station produced by Shandong Longtai group with independent intellectual property rights has been promoted by the state administration of work safety by virtue of its unique barrier explosion-proof patent technology. The purchase of the gas station of our company can greatly reduce the approval procedures. Moreover, the barrier and explosion-proof skid-mounted station manufactured by our company can reduce the limit of safe distance. There are a large number of engineering cases in places with large traffic flow such as ports, logistics parks, airports and public transit hub, with perfect product functions and reliable quality. While providing more convenient refueling and gas-filling services for the people, it also contains a large number of business opportunities. Low investment, quick return, safety and environmental protection are ideal choices for investment and entrepreneurship.
The LT—methanol anti-explosion material developed independently by Shandong Longtai group has passed the inspection by the authoritative testing agency. Meanwhile, the newly designed LT—methanol fuel skid-mounted filling station of our company has met the standard requirements of the national ministry of industry and information technology. This new product will closely cooperate with the methanol fuel pilot project in four provinces and one city.
The separate and explosion—proof skid—mounted gasoline filling device manufactured by Shandong Longtai group is a ground mobile refueling device integrating barrier proof storage tanks,tankers,fire retardant and explosion-proof oil and gas recovery device, automatic extinguishing device, explosion-proof automatic integrated electrical control device, emergency cut-off device, spillage prevention and monitoring system, etc. The device is provided with high level display alarm device, emergency pressure relief devices, anti-overflow devices, combustible gas alarm, lightning protection and electrostatic alarm, oil shut-off control valve, vacuum working breathing valve,breaking valve ,electromagnetic valve, internal combustion suppression automatic fire extinguishing device and anti-static and lightning protection device, etc., meeting the needs of a variety of oil products. The device has all functions of large and medium-sized gas stations currently in use, and is a high-tech product which is safe and explosion-proof without polluting the air and groundwater resources.This device as a whole is placed on the ground, has small volume, covers an area of less, easy installation, can be overall migration, less investment, safe and reliable, environmental protection and energy saving, low operation cost, long life and other advantages, It is a fully functional, safety explosion-proof, hi-tech products, is the national promotion of safety and environmental protection gas station.
The skid-mounted gas station designed and produced by our company conforms to the national regulations on design, manufacture, installation and operation of automobile refueling and gas station GB50516-2002; AQ3001-2005 technical requirements for vehicle refueling (gas) stations, light fuel oil and liquefied petroleum gas vehicle blocking and explosion-proof storage tanks; AQ3002-2005 technical requirements for skid-mounted refueling (gas) station; Technical specifications for automobile gas stations using skid-mounted refueling devices (SH/ t3134-2002); National standards such as code for construction of methanol fuel filling station for vehicles.


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