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What are the advantages of double tanks?

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Update time : 2019-01-16 13:40:16
At present, most domestic gas stations use single-layer steel buried storage tanks. The following problems are common in steel storage tanks:
1The traditional anti-corrosion measures make it have a short service life, usually only 7-10 years.
2 After the tank is buried, it is impossible to know whether there is leakage or not, and there is a safety hazard.
3 due to short service life, resulting in repeated investment

The new gas station produced by our company has the characteristics of buried double tanks:
1 security features:
The steel reinforced glass fiber double-layer structure adopts a patented processing method between the inner steel shell and the outer reinforced glass fiber layer to create a gap of 3.5 mm between the inner and outer layers, which can ensure the danger even if the inner shell leaks. The material only flows in the gap and does not overflow the outside environment; the inner layer is made of special steel plate with a thickness of 6mm-8mm, which is much stronger than the ordinary single-layer storage tank with a thickness of only 5mm; The reinforced glass fiber layer has a thickness of more than 4mm and has strong corrosion resistance and electric corrosion resistance. The patented technology is used between the double layers to make it reach a gap of 3.5mm, and the existence of safety hazards is eliminated from the root cause;
2 environmental characteristics
Ordinary single-layer steel storage tanks are buried in the ground and will be affected by groundwater gas and electrolytic corrosion. The double-layer structure has a gap of 3.5mm. The outer layer FRP ensures that the leakage will not directly leak the contaminated soil and water source. The outer layer FRP will not cause electrolytic corrosion with groundwater, salt water, etc.; the outer layer FRP will not corrode with gasoline, diesel, leaded gasoline; the leak detector can monitor the whole process for 24 hours to prevent pollution hazards; leakage detection system, It facilitates the detection and maintenance of storage tanks and protects the original ecological environment of the soil.
3 economic characteristics
The high safety and high environmental performance of the S/F double-layer tank also indirectly reduces the user's use cost. After using the product, it is not necessary to build an underground oil storage chamber. The storage tank can be directly buried in the underground, S/F double-layer tank The service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary storage tanks, at least for 30 years.
4 easy to install
Greatly shorten the construction period and reduce the cost investment. The maintenance requirement of S/F double-layer tank is 1/10 of that of ordinary storage tank, which greatly saves the maintenance input cost; the usage rate of S/F double-layer tank is greatly improved compared with single-layer storage tank, and the equipment is guaranteed. The high efficiency of use, the product cost-effective; S / F double-layer tank efficient use, greatly protecting and saving energy, eliminating the serious loss caused by energy leakage.
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