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Warm and harmonious to send students, love apples into the campus

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Update time : 2018-11-20 09:58:03
On November 2nd, Mu Xihua, the head of the logistics department of Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd., sent 10,000 kilograms of Fuji apple to Rongcheng No. 14 Middle School and Wanglian Kindergarten on behalf of the company.
At the moment, it is the good time for Fuji Apple to mature. Shandong Longtai Company sent 10,000 tons of juice and crisp and pollution-free apples to the hands of teachers and students. Director Jiang of Rongcheng No. 14 and President Wang of Wanglian Kindergarten Thanks to the donation activities and the social responsibility of our company for food safety.

Wang Zhonggang, chairman of Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. said, “Children are the hope of the nation and the future of the country. While the company is growing and developing, it should also actively participate in social charity activities, thank the society and return the public. These activities continue to enrich the connotation of corporate culture and strengthen the construction of corporate culture. It can be said that the charity action of loving the society has always run through the development of Longtai.
Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Qingdao Lanhai Equity Exchange Center in 2015. Over the years, Shandong Longtai has continuously precipitated in the explosion-proof armored refueling equipment industry, continuously improving its independent innovation capability and extensively attracting outstanding technical talents, relying on unique production. The process and the sound integrity construction system have gradually become the industry leader. Longtai will continue to maintain the sincerity of participating in social welfare activities, and return the trust, support and love of the public with integrity!
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