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Shandong Longtai held fire training to enrich fire protection knowledge

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Update time : 2018-12-07 11:12:20
Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. further strengthens the company's employees' fire safety awareness, improves their ability to respond to emergencies, and is familiar with the use of fire extinguishers and escape methods. With the support of fire officers and soldiers and the cooperation of various departments, our company is in 2018. On the morning of November 29, the company's overall safety chiefs and some middle-level cadres conducted fire training at Dongshan Plant of Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd.
Firefighting knowledge training is mainly given by fire officers and soldiers, mainly from the introduction and use of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, emergency self-help common sense and other aspects. The training has high practicality and operability, which enriches the fire protection knowledge of employees.
In order to put the knowledge learned into practice, the use of fire extinguishers is widely used among employees. After the training, a variety of fire extinguisher drills were held downstairs in the company. The skills and precautions of various fire extinguishers were emphasized. The personnel of each department took turns to carry out practical operations, and finally mastered the use of fire extinguishers.
The fire drill is aimed at preventing problems. Shandong Longtai Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. has always regarded safety as the top priority of the enterprise. Safety production is the top priority of the enterprise. Fire knowledge training and drills are held irregularly every year, and fire protection knowledge training is passed. And on-site simulation exercises to create a safe and harmonious working environment for the staff.
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