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Congratulations on the introduction of the explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device in Mohe, the northernmost part of China

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Update time : 2018-02-23 20:57:00

Congratulations on the introduction of the explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device in Mohe, the northernmost part of China

          Recently, our company's anti-explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device was stationed in Mohe Town, China. The network of “armored” refueling extended to the northernmost part of China, becoming a milestone in the history of the development of anti-explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling devices. "A new breakthrough in technology. Below we focus on the "outfit" process.
          Mohe  is located in the northernmost part of China's territory, while Xing'an Town is the northernmost part of Mohe County. It is a cold temperate continental climate. It is the lowest temperature county in China. The winter in Mohe County is long, up to 8 months. When we came to the deserted Mohe, the local temperature was minus 30 degrees. When our technicians came here, they were snowy and felt the cold as never before.

          The harsh and cold climate is not only a challenge for the staff, but also a severe test for the explosion-proof skid-mounted fueling device. How can the safety and explosion-proof, environmental protection and energy saving, and station building be ensured for the “armoring” that has never been built in such a harsh environment? Short time and easy maintenance? In the R&D and manufacturing of our company, we have focused on these issues, and achieved breakthroughs in technical problems such as resistance to severe cold. The device has self-developed insulation and heating devices, which can use No. 0  in winter. At the same time, the oil tank has reached the intrinsic safety, can effectively protect the safety of the fueling device and the surrounding environment, and innovatively adopts the double-layer tank design, the latest explosion-proof barrier material filled with the technology, the explosion-proof device installed in the tank and the oil leakage warning device. It can effectively prevent fires and explosions caused by accidents such as static electricity, open flames, welding, shooting, collision and wrong operation. In addition, the device is easy to maintain, and the leaking point of the tank containing the oil can be repaired at any time, which fundamentally solves the intrinsic safety of the fueling facility. It avoids pollution of groundwater resources by oil products, effectively inhibits oil and gas volatilization, and is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
          It is the Longtai people who are not afraid of difficulties, and they are upholding difficulties. Adhering to the corporate culture of “Innovation and survival, quality and development, and honesty and glory”, we will achieve the win-win situation with customers and create brilliant together with the concept of honesty and management!

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