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Congratulations on our company's armored gas station to achieve high economic returns in foreign operations!

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Update time : 2018-10-24 14:01:14
Congratulations on our company's armored gas station to achieve high economic returns in foreign operations!
      Recently, a group company plans to build a number of gas stations, but it is limited by the requirements of the construction site of traditional gas stations, high capital risks, backward operating modes and hidden dangers. It is difficult to realize the exploration of foreign operations and social benefits! After combining the existing site layout and oil supply status, the group decided to cooperate with our company to adopt the management mode of the development and operation of the skid-mounted gas station!
        The economic and social benefits of the skid-mounted gas station project are very significant, which are reflected in the following aspects:
1. The group company's market share in the local gas station has increased significantly, and the corporate brand effect has increased significantly. Before signing a strategic cooperation agreement with our company, the group only accounted for less than 1% of the local local refined oil terminal sales market. After a series of armored gas stations were completed, it occupied the local refined oil terminal sales market. The rate will reach 3% or more.
  2. Rapidly realize the breakthrough development of the retail network. Faced with the urgent requirements of enterprise competition and development, the contradiction between high investment cost, long construction period and difficult approval, it is imperative to innovate the retail network development mode. It is very economic and reasonable to adopt the model of skid-mounted gas station to build and develop gas stations.
 3. Innovative gas station operation and management methods, operating costs have dropped significantly, and operational efficiency is relatively high. The success of the external operation of the outfit gas station and the innovative retail network model proved that the armored refueling device successfully combined social benefits with economic benefits.

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